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January 5, 2015

Undercover Blues Band

Igor Abuladze - bass/vocals
Curt Golden - guitar/vocals
Bill Rieflin - drums


Let's do it again real soon! 

You can follow us on the Undercover Blues Band Facebook page.

And of course, the recording from Igor's  house concert is available for anyone to listen. Click on the photo below, and you'll be off to Soundcloud and the entire show!

curt golden
Guitar Instruction

With the guitar, the best thing we can do for ourselves is learning how to learn. Then, no teacher and no method can hold us back.

CURT GOLDEN is offering private instruction in Seattle, for beginners through advanced players. The primary focus of the approach used is HOW to play, rather than WHAT to play, with an emphasis on mechanics, fretboard knowledge and ear training.The aim is FUN and an outlet for our CREATIVITY, and together we can put together tools for just that.

Curt Golden is a guitarist, instructor and performer with more than 40 years experience; proficient in many styles. He is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music, and for the past 28 years has been an instructor and mentor in Guitar Craft.

In 2010, Curt helped to launch the Seattle Circle Guitar School, bringing high quality guitar instruction into Seattle elementary schools.

Remote Lessons
via Skype

I am now offering lessons via Skype video, or through Google Hangouts. About a year ago a student who lives in Colorado talked me into giving it a shot, and it is working very well.  I now have a number of full time students who work with me in this way. Video lessons have proven to be of particular value to students with an interest in  Guitar CraftGuitar Circles, the Guitar Craft Standard Tuning (aka "NST"), and the Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists, since authorized instructors are few and far between.

So, if you are out of the area, or your schedule makes carving out the time for a commute into Ballard too difficult, why not try it? 

Payment through PayPal, and we're good to go! Email me if you would like to explore this further.
Classes and Workshops
Guitar Instruction
Undercover Blues Band
photo: Taylor Sherman
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photo: LG Meredith
Undercover Blues Band at the Buriem Music School Second Anniversary Bash

January 5, 2015


The New Year is upon us. It's "indoor weather" and a great time to settle into some fun indoor activities. This is typically a transitional period for my calendar, and I currently have a few slots open, so it is the perfect time to consider guitar lessons.

Maybe you or someone you know has been considering learning to play guitar? This is a great time to find a slot that perfectly fits your needs, so if you have been considering beginning guitar lessons, this is the time. Complete beginner? Awesome! Have you been meaning to dust off that old instrument and pick up where you left off? Let's get down to work. Or are you already a player, and feel that now it is time to kick things up a level? This could be a good time to make it happen.
December 20, 2014

Seattle Circle Guitar School
Kids Guitar Circles!

The Seattle Circle Guitar School seeks to build community through music, and explore music through community.

​Last year was huge for the SCGS, with the guitar circle program expanding to even more students at Salmon Bay, as well as a weekly "guitar club" for Middle Schoolers. And on May 22nd, the 4th and 5th grade guitarists from the Salmon Bay Instrumental Music Program performed with Robert Fripp and the Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists at a very special event at Fremont Abbey.

Now looking forward to the new year! SCGS conducts kids guitar circles  within your school's curriculum. Kids will:

​- Create their own music
- Learn fundamental guitar techniques
- Build musical skills
- Build group skills

It's a new year, and a time for new beginnings! Like Guitar Lessons!
Guitar Instruction
In The News:
June 4, 2014

Robert Fripp
and the
Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists
Northwest Tour

Seattle Circle was proud to be able to present OCG IX, the 2014 tour of the Northwest. It was a fantastic run with shows in Bellingham, Portland, and Seattle. Please visit the tour's Facebook page to see photos and news.

Not on the public schedule, the Orchestra also performed at a private event in Seattle with the Seattle Circle Guitar School, featuring 15 4th and 5th grade guitarists from their instrumental musci program at Salmon Bay K-8.

I first encountered Guitar Craft in March 1985. In the 29 years that have followed, I have been deeply involved and witness to the evolution of this remarkable musical force. I am a Guitar Craft/Guitar Circle instructor. I have toured extensively with the League of Crafty Guitarists. And since 1998 I have been a member of the Guitar Circle of Seattle, which over the years has presented GC courses and performances, Tuning the Air, and now the Seattle Circle Guitar School.
Guitar Lessons via Skype 
now available.
Learn More!
photo: Christina Florkowski
photo: Donna Van Buren
Undercover Blues Band at Darrell's Tavern Jan 2 2015